Monday, January 17, 2011

A Good Person

I have always been told by people that I am a “good person.” There are certain people that I always call a “good person.” It is common for people to call each other a “good person.” We have all heard it or done it in our life. I believe everyone has good in them. I also believe that in some people it is harder to find/see the good that is in them. Some people are naturally good and some people really make an effort at being good. (I can continue with this idea of good but I think you get it.)

All this talk of “being good” started when me and some friends were talking last night about the idea of being a good people. I try to be a good person because I am a Christian. I see it in the Bible, so I try to model it. I am told to be that way in the Bible, so I do it. I try to be good because I feel and believe it is right, but is that the only reason why I am good? Does it take following God to be considered “a good person?” I think not. Before I was a Christian I would consider myself a good person. I know many really good people who do not share my faith or even believe in God. I am around them and interact with them everyday. You may even mistake some as being Christians until they tell you otherwise.

My question is this to my reader: I am always trying to find ways of telling people about God. One of the things I get most from people here is, “Kevin, you are a really good person. You are always so nice and thinking of others.” An easy answer to it is “I am that way because I am a Christian.” Which is an ok answer. However, I feel that it can come across to someone as “the only way you can be a “good person” is if you become a Christian,” or “Kevin only thinks Christians to be good people.” Which is not even close to the point I am trying to make. The question is “What would be a good way of telling people that I am a good person because of God, but not that the only reason I am a good person is because of God?” I do not want people to think that I am only good because of God, but by having God in my life I feel like an even better person and try harder to be good. I want to leave them thinking about how following God might make them a better person, and not how they are a bad person for not being like me. Or maybe get them to thinking, what is it about serving God that makes people want to be even better?